September 16

September 16

Busy month of brewing here at Box Steam. We’ve had Tunnel Vision, Piston Broke, Golden Bolt, Chuffin’ Ale, Broad Gauge and the September special, Leaf Kicker.

Leaf Kicker has given us another chance to explore a new recipe. We’ve created a smooth ale. Earthy, with a hint of Autumn berries. Bit like a stroll through the woods captured in a pint glass.

Creating a new recipe with nuance is all about the careful choice of malts and hops. Leaf Kicker uses roasted Crystal and Chocolate malts, paired with Admiral and Motueka hops.

If you shine a strong light through a glass of our Dark & Handsome it looks deep red. This is too dark for what we had in mind for Leaf Kicker but we wanted to create a beer with a hint of this same redness. That’s why we used roasted Crystal malt instead of the standard Crystal, and we reduced the level of Chocolate malt in the mix slightly.

Of course brewing is its own reward but it’s always nice to gain some recognition. Delighted to pick up a couple of medals at the International Beer Challenge – Gold for Full Steam Ahead and Bronze for Funnel Blower. Making plans for the International Medal presentation brought back memories of other National Golds in 2014 and 2008. Not quite Team GB, but hey.

Cheers for now!


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