November 16

November 16

We’re stepping up the brewing here in Holt. As well as the regular Tunnel Vision and Piston Broke brews, we’re creating a batch of Golden Bolt for 30 litre kegs. We are also brewing more seasonal Chuffin’ Ale and Broad Gauge. Nice to see it going down so well with you lot.

And on top of all that we need to start on our Christmas beer (Bauble) and we could do with some more Funnel Blower!

Quite chuffed with this month’s special. Bengal Flare is a real cracker - a crisp golden ale infused with Lemon Drop chillies grown by Simpsons Seeds near Warminster and current holders of the “World’s Hottest Chilly” title.

That said, we decided that we didn’t want a really hot chilli beer, but one that had interesting flavours and aromas that could be enjoyed in a pub or with food. Many of the current bottled chilli beers are vying for explosive heat to appeal to the macho challenge rather than to fans of good beer. To this end we set up trials with different chillies of varying heat levels until we settled on the final recipe - chiefly pale malt and Cascade hops which work perfectly with a small number of the Lemon Drop chillis for a new and interesting flavour.

Just had word we’ve picked up Gold for Tunnel Vision in the Q awards. That’ll be something to share with the North Wilts CAMRA folks. We’re hosting their meeting here at the Brewery later this month.

A couple of weeks ago I attended an Institute of Brewing & Distilling meeting at a local brewery that only produces unfixed beer. I know it is different and looks cloudy, which doesn’t make it wrong. And it tasted and smelled OK but to me, but that doesn’t make it right. There are well established beer styles that are cloudy by design, but British beer is not one of them. That much is clear!


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