Rudolph the Red-nosed Draydeer

Rudolph the Red-nosed Draydeer

This month, we’ve been delivering our beer to local pubs by reindeer-drawn sleigh! Aiming to add a little festive magic to the daily rounds, and reduce our carbon hoofprint into the bargain.

The traditional wooden sleigh, bearing casks of local favourite ‘Tunnel Vision’, our award-winning real ale, made its first drop at the Cross Guns pub in the village of Avoncliff yesterday evening (15 December).

The sleigh was driven by Tony Lockyear, our head drayman. Usually behind the wheel of a diesel van, Tony donned the obligatory Father Christmas hat, of course, and the fairy lights on the sleigh added an extra twinkle.

We’ve built a reputation in Wiltshire for producing traditional British beers with a dash of imagination. In addition to our biggest seller, Tunnel Vision, Piston Broke, Chuffin’ Ale and monthly specials can be found in pubs and bars across the West Country.

We use an energy-efficient steam kettle to produce our ales, so this draydeer-powered service is really just an extension of our commitment to maintaining a low carbon footprint.   Small breweries like ours are meeting the public demand for authentic, well-crafted ales with personality - locals want local at their local. Having said that, we’d be delighted to export to the North Pole, and we can lend a helping hand if there happened to be any large scale gift distribution businesses in that region experiencing a seasonal rush.

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