No More Doom and Gloom

No More Doom and Gloom

We mounted a David vs Goliath style challenge to the dominance of multi-national beer companies in our pubs a few weeks ago.

Frustrated that beers like Doom Bar are taking over pumps on bars across our county, we erected a bold and provocative ad in a field on the borders of Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol. The ad depicts a noble knight astride the iconic white horse of Westbury doing battle with his nemesis. Sited at the intersection of the A46 and A420, the striking image has been attracting the attention of passing motorists.

We supply cask and bottled beers to pubs, bars, restaurants and shops across Wiltshire. But we keep coming up against Doom Bar and other national beer brands. We work hard to sell our award-winning Tunnel Vision and other ales. It’s the same for other small brewers. It’s frustrating enough that Doom Bar is a ‘Cornish’ beer. But some of it’s not even brewed in Cornwall. It’s brewed under license in Burton-on-Trent, and Sharp’s is owned by Molson Coors, an international corporation.

We thought it was time to make our voice heard and fight our corner on behalf of smaller brewers.

This is our patch and we’re proud to lead the charge for Wiltshire beer. Join the fight and order Tunnel Vision!

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