Pub of the Week: The Skirrid Inn

Pub of the Week: The Skirrid Inn

Who fancies being holed up in the Beauty of the Breacon Beacons, enjoying a Tunnel Vision, safely tucked away from the Beast from the East?

Rich in folklore, The Skirrid Mountain Inn claims to not only be the oldest pub in Wales, but the comfiest and happiest. Its charm is faithfully preserved with the nightly offering of a sacrificial pint to the devil. How about that!

This Welsh treasure is just a few miles north of Abergavenny and is said to have provided Shakespeare with the inspiration for the character of Puck, in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

For those safely parked by its fireside, or spending the weekend in the Skirrid, cheers! May the warm atmosphere and our real craft beer keep you in good spirits.

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