Our team

You can’t make great ale without great ingredients, but it’s the people that make Box Steam Brewery the best in Wiltshire. You don’t have to like beer to work here. You have to love it.

  • Andy Roberts

    Andy Roberts The Guv

    Box Steam’s boss grew up in the pub trade and has a passion for two things - good beer and odd shaped balls. If there’s Rugby on the big screen and barrels in the yard he’s a happy man.

  • Tom Downes

    Tom Downes Site Operations Manager

    Tom lovingly tends to every brew from milling to filling. The brewery’s copper and mash tuns are his mistresses and he's the romantic type. You're just lucky he'll let it leave the brewery.

  • Nicky Burston

    Nicky Burston Sales Director

    Nicky has spent years working in the off-trade with the country’s biggest wholesalers and supermarkets. She’s on a mission to see Box in every trolley.

  • Emma Roberts

    Emma Roberts Export Manager

    While her brother keeps an eye on the Brewery at home, Emma handles diplomatic relations abroad, waving the flag for Wiltshire’s finest across the globe.

  • Gary Day

    Gary Day Head Brewer

    Tom’s right-hand man. They are the Batman and Robin of the brewing world, righting the wrong of mass production, delivering just flavours and righteous brews.

  • Linda Holmes

    Linda Holmes Financial Controller

    It’s a good job we’ve got Linda to keep an eye on us while we focus on brewing. She looks after the pennies and the pints look after themselves…

  • Martin Cowdrey

    Martin Cowdrey Assistant Brewer

    From brewing beer and racking casks, to building marquees and bars; Martin's got it all covered for us.

  • Anthony Mortimer

    Anthony Mortimer Dray

    The only thing Anthony loves more than visiting our loyal pub customers with the latest delivery of Box beers, is Box beer.

  • Rachel Saunders

    Rachel Saunders Telesales Consultant

    Hear that phone ringing? Then you’re a pub who should be serving Box beers, but hasn’t placed an order yet this month.

  • Edward Matthews

    Edward Matthews Regional Account Manager

    He may live in Manchester, but that hasn't stopped our Ed picking up wholesale accounts from the Isle of Wight to Newcastle.

  • Anthony Cassidy

    Anthony Cassidy National Accounts Executive

    If you think you've seen our beer in more and more supermarkets and national pubs recently that's probably because Anthony was there before you!

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