December 16

December is here. With Christmas just around the corner, we’ve been very busy. As well as brewing the usual Tunnel, Piston and Golden Bolt in keg and bottle, we’ve been producing more of our vanilla porter, Funnel Blower.

And of course, it’s not Christmas without a sparkly Bauble! Our December monthly special is a festively spiced ale, golden in colour with warming spicy aromas and citrus flavours. Brewed using a blend of fine ale malts and a touch of crystal malt (to impart the golden glow). To create this special brew we’ve used Golding hops for bitterness and Cascade hops for the citrus aroma and flavour. Our not-so-secret ingredient is cinnamon – trust me, you’ll know it’s there!

Bauble has been something of a labour of love for us here at the Brewery, we’ve had to try numerous blends to find the perfect carrier beer for the cinnamon aroma and flavour – darker beers tasted too much like cough medicine, whilst traditional bitters tasted more like cooked veg. Once the beer was chosen, we then had to test again to get the level just right.

Keeping in the festive spirit, we held our annual 20% off Christmas discount days on the 9 and 10 December. I held a couple of brewery tours on Saturday and both days were a great success – I’ve never seen the Brewery so busy!

You know that Christmas is coming when the temperature suddenly drops. The recent cold spell brings back memories in various breweries of being confronted with ice in unexpected places. I remember the compressed air lines used for opening or closing automatic valves were a particular nightmare! As each year goes by the defrosting process becomes more routine due to my growing experience, but every New Year I can guarantee that I’ll find some new hidden point that’s frozen for the first time.

Merry Christmas all of you. See you in 2017!

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