Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2018!

First things first, we need to talk about #Tryanuary. This is an initiative that has been running for 5 years now to support the beer industry during what can be a challenging month. As I’m sure you know the licenced trade is subject to numerous pressures including rising prices, falling visitor numbers and increased rents. So when January rolls around and we are filled with ambitions of health, frugality and abstinence – the pub is probably the furthest thing from our mind. It’s worth remembering however, that last year we lost an average of 29 pubs every week and that doesn’t include the independent off licences, restaurants and hotels that also face tremendous pressure.

This beery community of ours has always been incredibly inclusive and supportive. From brewery collaborations and tap takeovers to charity beers we always endeavour to address and deal with the issues we face. So, for our end of the bargain we’ve conjured up a new recipe for an old favourite – Gym Dodger. The 2018 version of Gym Dodger is a copper coloured New World session bitter, brewed with Rakau hops to give lush, tropical flavours and aromas of apricot and passionfruit. At 3.2% we’ve kept the ABV deliberately low, but crammed in as much flavour as possible. This is a strictly limited edition, so keep your eyes open, once it’s gone – it’s gone!

And so to your part of the deal; Alongside Box, there are literally thousands of fantastic breweries out there brewing beers you’ve never even seen before. So, rather than just abstaining completely in January, make Tryanuary part of a lifestyle change. Make plans to take a long walk every weekend; go somewhere you’ve never been before that happens to have a good looking pub nearby. Then when you’ve finished your walk, call in for a half or a pint of something you wouldn’t normally try. For a couple of quid a week you’re getting exercise and fresh air, broadening your horizons, challenging your pallet and supporting the independent beer trade. Who knows, maybe if everyone did, then that extra couple of quid could make the difference between a pub closing or staying open. Use the #tryanuary hashtag and share your discoveries!

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