Now serving: REAL CRAFT BEER!

It gives us great pleasure to introduce two new beautifully engineered Box Steam Brewery beers.

Now available in keg and bottle – our brand spanking new Pony Truck and Steam Town.

Staying true to our heritage and acclaim for characterful, cask conditioned ales, these new craft beers pack in all of our honed skills and experience, with a few added extras.

Pony Truck, a New World pale ale, and Steam Town, a transatlantic India pale ale, represent a bold new direction for our family run brewery – and judging from the response so far, these craft beers will raise a few smiles, among customers old and new.

We’ve listened to our customers and the market, to create these new striking craft beers, which we think you’ll love!

Pony Truck

A very sessionable New World pale ale, 3.8% Taste: Amplified ripe peach flavour bursts out of this soft and hoppy pale ale. Refreshing, juicy and utterly drinkable; a true session ale with interesting complexity.

History: The unpowered Pony Truck at the front of the engine – often referred to as the bogie wheels – enabled trains to travel faster and more securely, especially around bends. This new craft beer takes influence from these smaller guiding wheels, as it does the driving tradition of Box Steam Brewery. The name also provides a suitable nod to American engineering – home to the original Pony Truck and this style of pale ale.


Steam Town

A transatlantic India pale ale, delivering intense aromas and taste, 5.2%

Taste: All the best bits of USA and British IPA in one outstanding beer. The tangerine flavour from Mandarina Bavaria combines with USA hops for intense aromas and taste, balanced with UK malts for finesse.

History: Steam Town is a nod to the villages and towns around Brunel’s greatest buildings and structures, where vast proportions of the population were employed or involved in the project – including employees of the original Box Steam Brewery. Brunel’s works were not just outstanding feats of engineering; they represent an integral part of UK’s industrial heritage and culture.

You might say that there’s been some discussion between Philip, our master brewer, and Tom, who works under his watchful eye.

Tom says these two new craft beers take much inspiration from our customer comments, and new happenings in the brewing world.

“There’s such a wealth of exciting ingredients available now” he says. “And we’ve combined our refined brewing know-how with the changing taste of modern drinkers to create these two new craft products.

Already, Pony Truck and Steam Town have attracted a really encouraging response from the trade, thanks to the contemporary forward hop fruit flavour brewed into these craft beers, explains Tom. But as Philip is quick to point out, Box Steam has always been a craft brewery.

“You could say craft is in our DNA” Philip explains.

“Craft beer has become a label that’s often applied a little too readily. But, the real thing deserves more market recognition and understanding.”

According to Tom, both Pony Truck and Steam Town provide a fitting nod to the brewery’s heritage.

“Craft beer doesn’t always make for good session ale, but we’ve hit the nail on the head with Pony Truck.

“We don’t compromise on quality and taste – we’ve had a lot of fun playing with hops to develop a new style craft beer that we would all happily choose to drink.”

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Phew, where has the time gone? We’ve been brewing for almost 15 years.

We’ll never produce factory style beer. Our creative brewers use hop flavours to their full, forever artful in the quite wondrous production of naturally flavoursome beer.

Our roots are firmly in the West Country, where we continue to be inspired by the engineering triumphs of the late great Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

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