New Monthly Showcase Launched

Ghost Train 4.8%” our new October showcase beer is launched today.  Available in Cask And Bag in Box Formats. Smooth, smoky and dark as Halloween, roasted malts with a balancing bitter sweet hops gives this Ruby Bitter a rich complex character to warm you when scary stories this Halloween leave you chilled.


In 2011, rail workers heard eerie moans of a woman coming from Box Tunnel’s east exit. They thought someone was messing around, ‘til one of them shone his torch down the track and they saw her – a woman in a ragged nightdress staring straight back at them, screaming. She vanished before their eyes.

It’s rumored the spooked workers meet every October to steady their hands with a pint of Ghost Train.


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Phew, where has the time gone? We’ve been brewing for almost 15 years.

We’ll never produce factory style beer. Our creative brewers use hop flavours to their full, forever artful in the quite wondrous production of naturally flavoursome beer.

Our roots are firmly in the West Country, where we continue to be inspired by the engineering triumphs of the late great Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

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