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Core Ales

New Normal

4.3% Citra IPA

Heavyweight Aromas and flavours that are thirst quenching. New Normal gives the citrus and grapefruit you would expect from this Citra IPA.

  • 5 Pint Box (3L) £12.00 X
  • 9 Pint Box (5L) £20.00 X
  • 5 Litre Mini Cask (5L) £23.00 X
  • 18 Pint Box (10L) £33.50 X
  • 36 Pint Box (20L) £57.00 X
  • 72 Pint Cask (9 gal) £115.00 X

Tunnel Vision

4.2% Amber Bitter

Box Steam Brewery has engineered a meeting of Target, Challenger and Goldings hops to create Tunnel Vision – a perfectly aligned clean tasting, light-amber bitter.

  • 8 x 500ml bottles £14.99 X
  • 5 pint box (3l) £12.00 X
  • 9 pint box (5l) £20.00 X
  • 5 Litre Mini Cask (5l) £23.00 X
  • 18 pint box (10l) £35.00 X
  • 36 pint box (20l) £57.00 X
  • 72 pint cask (9 gal) £110.00 X

Funnel Blower

4.5% Vanilla Porter

Skilfully built from citrus Target, spicy Challenger and earthy Fuggle hops, our porter is a voyage of vanilla sweetness and bitter chocolate.

  • 8 x 500ml bottles £14.99 X

Piston Broke

4.5% Deep Golden Ale

A robust golden ale, refreshingly hoppy with bittersweet fruity aromas, Piston Broke is a blend of Goldings and Cascade hops that never fails, whatever the weather.

  • 8 x 500ml bottles £14.99 X
  • 5 pint box (3l) £12.00 X
  • 9 pint box (5l) £20.00 X
  • 5 Litre Mini Cask (5l) £23.00 X
  • 18 pint box (10l) £35.00 X
  • 36 pint box (20l) £57.00 X
  • 72 pint cask (9 gal) £115.00 X

Golden Bolt

3.8% Pale Ale

A wonderfully soft, citrus flavoured session ale with a light, dry finish.

  • 5 pint box (3l) £11.25 X
  • 9 pint box (5l) £18.75 X
  • 5 Litre Mini Cask (5l) £21.75 X
  • 18 pint box (10l) £33.50 X
  • 36 pint box (20l) £54.00 X
  • 72 pint cask (9 gal) £110.00 X

Soul Train

4.5% White Gold IPA

Brewed with the Mosaic hop that particularly brings out the characteristics of bubblegum and tropical fruit.
Please note that in the "Bag in Box", "Cask" and "330ml" Format the ABV is 4.0%.  In 500ml bottle format the ABV is 4.5%.

  • 8 x 500ml bottles £14.99 X
  • 5 pint box (3l) £11.25 X
  • 9 pint box (5l) £18.75 X
  • 5 Litre Mini Cask (5l) £21.75 X
  • 18 pint box (10l) £33.50 X
  • 36 pint box (20l) £54.00 X
  • 72 pint cask (9 gal) £110.00 X

Monthly Showcase Beers

Craft Beers

Pony Truck

3.8% Pale Ale

Brewed with Wai-iti and First Gold hops, Pony Truck is refreshing and juicy, with a truckload of ripe peach flavours.

  • 12 x 330ml bottles £17.50 X

Mixed Cases & Gift Packs

Home Taster Pack 2

5 x 500ml Bottles & 1 x 330ml (Tunnel Vision, Piston Broke, Derail Ale, Soul Train, Funnel Blower, Pony Truck)
1 x Mini Cask or BIB, subject to availability (Please use our comments section on checkout to tell us which beer you would like.)
2 x Drip mats

  • Taster Pack 2 £29.99 X

Mixed Ales

Case contains 3 x Tunnel Vision, 3 x Piston Broke, 2 x Derail Ale, 2 x Soul Train(4.5%), 2 x Funnel Blower.
Gift Pack contains 1 x Tunnel Vision, 1 x soul Train, 1 x Funnel Blower.
For a different combination, please contact us after placing your order.

  • Case (12 x 500ml) £23.95 X
  • Gift Pack (3 x 500ml) £8.50 X
  • Gift Pack (3 x 500ml) x 2 £16.00 X

Home Taster Pack 3

2 x 3 litre bag of refreshing Cider
5 x 500ml & 1 x 330ml bottles of our delicious beer
4 x branded glasses - Two Cider & Two Ale Pints
4 x Drip-mats
(Note: Mini Cask or BIB dependant on availability, Cider is Core Blimey and Toodle Pip, 500ml bottles Tunnel Vision, Piston Broke, Derail Ale, Funnel Blower, Soul Train & 330ml Bottle Pony Truck.

  • Home Taster Pack 3 £33.99 X


Sloe Down Cider

4.0%% Sloe Gin Cider

Refreshing - Sweet but balanced Flavour with a subtle honey gin note.

  • 5 Pint Box (3) £13.95 X

Toodle Pip

5.2% Apple & Pear Cider

Toodle Pip - Apple and Pear Cider - ABV: 5.2%

Refreshing, crisp, well-balanced flavour, with a delightful natural sweetness and subtle fruity notes.

  • 5 pint box (3l) £12.99 X
  • 36 pint box (20l) £60.00 X

Core Blimey

4.5% Apple Cider

Core Blimey - Vintage Apple Cider - ABV: 4.5%

A well-rounded vintage cider, with real apple freshness and a well-balanced crisp finish.

  • 5 pint box (3l) £11.99 X
  • 36 pint box (20l) £57.00 X


Soul Train T-Shirt

Soul Train T-Shirt

  • Small £14.99 X
  • Medium £14.99 X
  • Large £14.99 X
  • Extra Large £14.99 X
  • 2 Extra Large £14.99 X

Box Steam T-Shirts

Box Steam T-Shirts

  • Small £13.99 X
  • Medium £13.99 X
  • Large £13.99 X
  • X Large £13.99 X
  • XX Large £13.99 X

Box Steam Pint Glass

Box Steam Pint Glass

  • Pint Glass £2.50 X

Terms & Conditions

Important information regarding products and promotions

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  • Please note that Mini-Casks and Bag in Box beers have been brightened at the brewery prior to delivery and are best consumed within 3-5 days from delivery.
  • Only one offer code can be used per order unless stated. We reserve the right to cancel any order in breach of this term.
  • Snack are subject to availability and can be substituted to what is currently advertised.
  • Box Steam reserves the right to withdraw any promotion at any time without notice or reason.
  • Any queries or concerns should be e mailed to sales@boxsteambrewery.com
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Important information regarding deliveries

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