Sustainability Plan

Based in the beautiful Wiltshire village of Holt we are very aware of our impact on the environment and the importance of having a sustainability plan. We aren’t “Eco Warriors” and it’s not complex, we simply aim to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” to lower our carbon footprint wherever and whenever possible.

Recent initiatives include:

  1. Reducing the impact on the planet of our energy consumption by purchasing “Carbon Neutral” electricity, installing LED lighting in the brewery and using a heat exchanger.
  2. Recycling all our spent grain and hops by having it collected by a local farmer who uses it for cattle feed and silage.
  3. Ensuring all our packaging material are recyclable and reducing our glass consumption through the use of light weight glass for our bottles
  4. Reducing our diesel consumption by using more fuel efficient and less polluting delivery vehicles green enough to enter the “Clean Air Zone” of Bath without charge.

We are investigating the following opportunities:

  1. Switching to a 100% renewable energy supply November 2022
  2. Reducing fuel consumption and road congestion by installing Canning, Bottling and Kegging lines at the brewery. This will replace the current process of shipping it to a contract packer in the Midlands which is a 216 mile round trip.
  3. Reducing our energy consumption by modernising our “heat exchange system” and getting a “steam recapture system”.
  4. Reusing supplier packaging materials such as grain sacks.
  5. Using recycled materials for stationary and marketing materials where possible.
  6. Reducing our water use through the installation of new brewing kit that will reduce the ratio of water required to make a pint of beer from “8 to 1” to “1.5 to 1”.
  7. Reducing plastic use by switching bottle packs from “cardboard tray and plastic shrink” to 100% cardboard and replacing plastic shop bags with an eco-friendly alternative.

We welcome all ideas to help us reduce our carbon footprint so please feel free to let us know your thoughts

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